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Scooter Sharing – The Next Big Thing!

Car sharing is verywhere in big city, but in fact are really kind of unpractical if you consider the available parking spots and fees or traffic jams and especially damaging to the environment. A good alternative are scooters, especially if they only run on electricity! At the moment there is a revolution taking place in German cities. Berlin, Munich or Cologne all now have a big fleet of electrical scooters available on every corner and the number is rising! There are severall companies for example Scoo.me, Coup and eMio, who are fighting for the best market position, since they all started in a limited number of cities.

The prices are a little above 3 Euros for 30 minutes, every additional 10 minutes cost 1 Euro on top. But there are also membership programms, which brings you cheaper rates and an insurances for example.