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16.000 US$ for a Phone? Let’s check if it’s worth it!

How much is your data worth? Must be quite some money, if people are truly paying 16.000 US$ for the Solarin by Sirin Labs. An innovative smartphone with military grade security, which guarantees safe data and easy handling at all times. And on top of it, it looks bada**! That is the kind of phone you only expect secret agents like James Bond or Jason Bourne to own, but now it has finally come to the end consumer. But who is a fitting customer for this product. When we think about cyber security, 2 „great ladys“ come to mind: Merkel, who was surveiled by the CIA, or Mrs Clinton, who prefers to send emails from her private, unprotected computer.

But lets be realistic, is there any other usage for this kind of phone other than for politicians and military, and especially are these potential customers willing to pay such a high price?

Sirin Labs, the producers of this phone, is describing their core customer as an international operating business man, partners in finacial firms, as well as entrepreneurs. In order to protect their data and have the best security software available, they have cooperated with the security companies Koolspan and Zimperium.

On top of all that security, the phone also performs really well in almost every disciplin. It is a high end product in every aspect and is outperforming „normal smartphones“ any day. It has 4 GB RAM, 128 GB storage-capacity, as well as a 23,8 Megapicel camera with a 4-tone flash. It comes in 4 different colours with different finishes, but all of them are made from carbon, which not only looks good but protects the phone from potential damage.

Overall the concept seems to be quite coherent, even though you have consider that they absolutely do not have any competition in this space!  This makes the whole process for Sirin Labs a whole lot easier, since the customer is not able to compare the product to competitiors, and by that judge the pricing in relation to the features. At first thought, the pricing seems to be extraordinary high, if you compare it to an IPhone for example, that leads to crazy high expactations, which are almost impossible to fulfill! But to be honest, the people who really need the security feature, will either be getting it from their workplace or do not care about sutch money anyways.